Mechanical Contracting

The specified way and
the right way

Your specifications clearly define your project needs and deliverables. When we are on the job, our “spec sheet” adds in project goals, workplace satisfaction and customer needs. This enables us to anticipate problems, take pride in our workmanship — and give you a project you can be proud of. 

Explore how BlackStone is recrafting the design-build process by using more than just the spec sheet.

Plumbing and HVAC Maintenance

Peace-of-mind included

If you have come to accept missed deadlines and callbacks as the cost of doing business it’s time to rethink mechanical. At BlackStone we strive to find new — or remember forgotten — ways to deliver efficient, well-executed service. It starts with picking up the phone when you call and ends without the hassle of an absentee contractor.

Explore how our team is recrafting mechanical maintenance by elevating the standard of customer service.

Our Projects

A rejuvenated mechanical contracting experience

When you take a stand for re-defining what mechanical services are, you’re bound to raise skeptical industry eyebrows. However, by instilling a culture and approach that reduces call-backs, over-runs and delays, one by one those formerly raised eyebrows are turning into satisfied customers.

Explore some of the projects and clients who have experienced recrafted mechanical from BlackStone.