Design Build

BlackStone has the knowledge and trade experience to provide engineering and design for complicated commercial and industrial construction projects. That said, it’s in the details where we really shine. Smart planning is how our detail-oriented corporate culture allows us to identify the appropriate scope and provide superior value at competitive pricing for realistic project planning.

See what recrafted design build projects look like here.

Bid Projects

Looking through the lenses of experience and attention-to-detail our team is able to quickly zero in on the needs and goals of your commercial or industrial project. We then work alongside engineers and contractors to find a price that delivers maximum value to your project’s mechanical requirements. An accurate quote with no surprises on your bid project is what you get from BlackStone’s team.

Check out some of our bid projects here.

For over 6 years now we have partnered with BlackStone on some of the most challenging and rewarding construction endeavors imaginable – BlackStone Mechanical has what it takes to bring value to owners as integrated members of any construction team.
— Scott Benoit, Manager, Project Development - Clark Builders